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22.08.2008 10:16


happy birthday braeden¡¡¡


19.08.2008 11:08

Sabine Keil

Hi Monika,
have you ever thought about contacting the club itself? They might be able to help you to find what you are looking for.
or contact this site's webmaster, she can help you too!
Bye to Norway!


18.08.2008 14:03


Dear Kevin
I have now searched six of our Norwegian cities in a desperate hope of finding the "Last chance cafe" DVD. So far I have had no luck. Do you know if "Last chance cafe" is to be found on DVD in Norway? I really hope you - or anyone else - can help me out here!


21.07.2008 11:56


I "ve always loved watching all your shows because of the type of personal integrity that you portray. Best Wishes to you and yours in all future endevours.


24.05.2008 23:45


Hanne,Anne,felicitaciones por todas las novedades del club.Felicitaciones por el exito de la reunion con Kevin.Saludos para el y su familia ,desde España,de una fans española ,que sueña un dia con poder conocerle.
Besos para todos.
Hanne, Anne, congratulations for all the innovations of the club. Congratulations for the success of the meeting with Kevin. Regards for and his family, from Spain, of one fans Spanish woman, who dreams one day of being able to know him.
Kisses for all.


04.05.2008 14:48


Ich hät ihn grene als Vater.Bruder
oder Freund gehabt.

Ermacht mich als Mann zu Mann
ich mag ihn !!


01.05.2008 5:48

Robert Schuh

I am a really big fan of your Kevin you are a great actor both on & off the set and i believe your a very great family man. I would appreciate a signed autograph. I live In Fargo ND 5515 15 st so 58104. God Bless


19.04.2008 0:52

sue sen

I'm sorry to keep on about this, but this is the only site I am able to post. I am not objecting to amazon,, but besides the fact that only season 1 is available in region 2 dvds, I dont think it's fair that a site like amazon should not credit the star of the show at all.


19.04.2008 0:31

sue sen

I'm an occassional fan who's trying to get registered on something. THe messag I want to post is that all the hercules dvds in the UK does NOT have kevin sorbo in the credits, If you do a kevin sorbo search on amazon it does not show up hercules, and I've bought an rented a few, none of them have kevin sorbo's name in the credits -- all other actors. I thought you wouold like to take this up with amazin


17.04.2008 16:15


hercule,so much
kevin sorbo?so much!

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